DNApod: DNA Polymorphism annOtation Database

The DNApod is an integrated DNA polymorphism database and analytical workflow.

The DNApod database supports DNA polymorphisms analyzed under uniform experimental conditions with data in the ‘DDBJ Sequence Read Archive (DDBJ SRA)’. The DDBJ SRA is an archive database for output data generated by new-generation sequencing (NGS) machines. DNApod distributes DNA polymorphisms data and their annotations with known gene structures. Our scope is to provide datasets from bacteria, plants and animals. As of August 2014, the DNApod database covers only plant lines. It contains data derived from 679 rice lines, 404 maize lines and 66 sorghum lines. We also provided multiple alignment and phylogenetic tree analyses with amino acid sequences, processing DNApod datasets with uploaded data from a user.
A DNApod workflow has been constructed where users can analyze their original NGS data using the same process as DNApod. The DNApod workflow was implemented in the ‘DDBJ Read Annotation Pipeline (DDBJ pipeline)’.